lørdag 17. juli 2010

The doubter brags...

..about his achievements in the Canadian Champs.

If you - of any reason what-so-ever - are in desperate need of orienteering world ranking points, I recommend that you go overseas. To Canada. Or to the US if you must.

Ludde the Doubter went back from British Columbia with a close to 1000 points in his bag, and a third place in the Canadian middle distance championship on the top. The terrain was excellent, by the way. Maps and route gadget available here  - at the organisers web site.

Ludde actually ended up becoming an advisor for the Canadian National team, as part of their preparations for the World Championships in Trondheim later this summer.

As a side effect of orienteering in Canada, comes all the terrific experiences of nature and wildlife. Just take a look of this guy, who I met one day running around in the forest...

Next year this event will be held in Yukon, in northern part of Canada. With plenty of opportunities to meet a 1000 pound Grizzly face-to-face… See you there!

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